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Email: dionne@blackmistress.co.uk

Phone: 07763382699 or 07748562488

Black London Mistress Dionne

Premier Black London Mistress Dionne is the Rear Mistress.

I stand an imposing 5'9'' tall in my bare feet. If you are lucky enough, you may find that my feet are made for worship and adoration. They are long and slender. My thighs are powerful and curvaceous, eagerly yearning for attention.

My magnificent bottom is smooth as silk, and soft like velvet. Dare you touch it!!

You should always remember that I am a Professional London Mistress and provide no sexual services whatsoever. Please do not insult me by requesting any such services...professional domination is not prostitution.

During my many years of being a supreme Mistress I have acquired many items of fetish clothing. Some of my favorite items include...

  • Cat suits (leather and rubber)
  • Skirts (leather, rubber and PVC)
  • Opera gloves
  • Stiletto heeled boots and shoes
  • Corsets
  • Fully fashioned stockings

I have many strings to my bow, and as well as being a Bossy Bitch and Goddess, I presently run a small lingerie business located in North London.

With all these demands on my time you will understand I often have a tight schedule, but I will always find time for genuine slaves who are willing to pay me a visit and a generous tribute.

Be warned, you must be all of the following...

  • Clean
  • Well groomed
  • Willing to be enslaved